live, play, work...
Central Square is a town development with the goal to replicate a true "town square." At it's core, you will find a tight-knit community between townhomes, retail, and dining, all anchored by a pavilion and park. As you venture and grow further away from Central Square's core, you will find yourself in a more spread out garden home setting. 
Vieux Carré is the recent townhome community underway, right across the street from The Park at Central Square. Nestled in the center of the town, Vieux Carré offers easy living. This easy living will open up a brand new perspective to living in Central. It’s country living in the heart of the city.
The Garden District is located west of the park at Central Square. The Garden District offers the same convenience and aesthetic nature as Vieux Carré, but nestled a little bit further behind the scenes of the town square, ideal for starer homes or those looking to settle down. 


Our Mission

Central Square's mission is to bring convenience, easy living, and beautiful architecture in hopes of creating a true town square for the newly established City of Central in accordance with the city's master plan.